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taking care of your billing needs
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Medical Billing Services Reno & Vegas, Nevada

Full Outsource Billing

Entrust your billing operations to us and relieve the burdens of dealing with complex administrative tasks, changing regulations, compliance issues, and financial losses.

AR Clean Up And Management

Our team is dedicated to resolving outstanding accounts receivable, recovering lost revenue, and providing important feedback for process improvement to reduce future AR issues for healthcare providers.

Credentialing and Growth

Enhance the connections, access, contracts, and growth of your healthcare centers and practitioners with our credentialing services. Contact us for more information.


We ensure each patient’s documents are translated and coded accurately, timely, completely, and ethically to allow for appropriately optimized billing and reimbursement on every account.


Evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of your medical billing and AR management with the help of Marshall Medical Billing audit services.

SPECIAL Projects

Need help with staffing? Have an idea for a special project? We’ve got you covered! Reach out to us to learn more about our staffing and other projects.

Our Process

We work in our clients’ systems, saving them money and time while enhancing transparency and efficiency and reducing the risks and costs of PHI data movement.

Our team works with timeliness and completeness in mind. If there are claims to bill, payments to post, and denials or aged A/R to work, we don’t delay—we make it all happen immediately. It increases your chances of receiving the correct payment at all times.

Our financial analysis team provides key insights and custom reporting to our clients as well as our teams. This allows us to be better focused together on the priorities that impact us the most.